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Your Shots - May 2019                                            

Images of the night sky from across the world


TWAN Guest Gallery is  open to photographers from around the world with outstanding nightscape images.

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Thingvellir Aurora (Gísli Már Árnason)

From the photographer: "A historic site in Iceland, known for the Althing where the parliament was formed in the 10th century."

Thingvellir, Iceland




Sheet Lightning (Simone Cmoon)

From the photographer: "It was a hard and long tour on and around the Gorner Glacier but the view was absolutely worth it."

Gorner Glacier, Switzerland




Moon Venus and Jupiter Alignment (Dario Giannobile)

From the photographer: The Moon alignment with Venus and Jupiter in front of the Summer Milky Way that was rising on the horizon."

Siracusa, Italy




Lanzarote Winter Night (Guido Lettieri)

From the photographer: "The sky above the volcano in a winter night of Lanzarote, Canary Islands."

Canary Islands, Spain




Enchanted Place (Francisco Sojuel Culán)

From the photographer: "I made a trip to one of the places I love to visit, to see the magic of the galactic center, where you can see the Milky Way arch rising above Lake Atitlán."

Sololá, Guatemala




Partial Lunar Eclipse (Betul Turksoy)

From the photographer: "Erciyes, an inactive volcano, is the highest peak in Central Anatolia. The photo was taken during the Partial Lunar Eclipse in Cappadocia."

Cappadocia, Turkey




5000 Star Hotel (Amirreza Kamkar)

From the photographer: "A panorama image of our camp at DaryaSar field with a great view to Alborz mountains."

Mazandaran, Iran




Full Moon Over the Peruan Andes (Sergio Emilio Montúfar Codoñer)

From the photographer: "The full moon rises over the orange sunlight painted clouds, this site is the highest tropical spot in the world."

Huaraz, Peru




Over the Peruan Andes (Sergio Emilio Montúfar Codoñer)

From the photographer: "Circular 360 panorama of the night sky framed by Nevado Huascarán (to the left) and Nevado Hunadoy (to the right)."

Huaraz, Perú




Winter Milky Way (Giorgia Hofer)

From the photographer: "Milky Way and winter constellations in a cold night."

Misurina, Italy




Galactic Core, Meteor and Venus (Steve Johnston)

From the photographer: "The galactic core, a bright meteor passing Antares and Venus low on the western horizon."

Victoria, Australia




Lunar Eclipse Rising (Chan Chee Guan)

From the photographer: "A timelapse sequence of rising of lunar eclipse from partial eclipse till totality and partial eclipse again."





Milky Way Core and Lady Liberty Partial Eclipse (Ivan Gonzalez)

From the photographer: "The partial lunar eclipse of January 2018 above the Lady Liberty as the moon was slowly setting."

New York, USA




Mars, Saturn and Antares (Sergio Conceição)

From the photographer: "This megalithic monument with more than five thousand years of age is perhaps the largest and one of the best preserved of its kind in the country."

Alentejo, Portugal




Abandoned (Jonathan Stauffer)

From the photographer: "In the backdrop is the highly active Tungurahua volcano. The risk of eruption is still imminent."

Tungurahua, Ecuador




Startrails Above the Dolomites (Paolo Bardelli)

From the photographer: "A sequence of the sky to the north above Sass Pordoi, Gruppo del Sella, taken from the Pordoi pass, Dolomites, northern Italy, on a clear night with the moon almost full."

Dolomites, Italy




Milky Way and Blue Tear (Yan Guang)

From the photographer: "Autumn Milky Way, surrounded by faint green airglow. At the same time, Noctiluca scintillans,commonly known as blue tears, is stimulated to emit blue light due to wave motion."

Fujian, China




Cycloidal Archway (Paean Ng)

From the photographer: "Milky Way arch as captured at Pot Alley Beach in Kalbarri, Western Australia at around midnight on a cold August night."

Kalbarri, Western Australia






Mosque and Moon

by: Xiaohua Zhao

at Night

by: Mohammad S. Hayati


Super Moon

by: Marco Meniero



by: Maroun Habib


Lunar Earthshine

by: Sergio Conceição

The Early
Milky Way

by: Antonio Martin-Carrillo


Piazza San Marco

by: Steve Johnston




by: Marc Toso

The Sky Above
a Historic Place

by: Pouria Sheikhi


After the Battle

by: Akiko C. Ikeda

Fireball Over
Lake Urmia

by: Reyhaneh Valipour

Reflections on
Pangong Lake

by: Chirag Upreti

Aurora Borealis Ahead

by: Werner Buhk

Road to

by: Guido Lettieri

The Tree of Life Next to Milky Way

by: José Omar Veliz Chávez

Dignity of Damavand Mountain

by: Hojjat Zafarkhah




TWAN is a global program in partnership with Astronomers Without Borders ( to produce and present a collection of stunning photographs of the world's most beautiful and historic sites against the nighttime backdrop of stars, planets and celestial events. The eternally peaceful sky looks the same above all symbols of different nations and regions, attesting to the truly unified nature of Earth as a planet rather than an amalgam of human-designated territories.