Planets Lined Up in a Dark Sky

By: Tunc Tezel


Region: Middle East

Site: Bilecik - Turkey

Date: 2018 July 5

From the photographer: "On this July 2018 night I went to one favorite spot of mine, high forest lake near Bozcaarmut village, about 100 km east of my hometown Bursa in Turkey. The reservoir is surrounded with boreal forests under dark skies. I photographed this panorama around midnight, just after Mars rose over the fir trees in the southeast (left) and before Jupiter was lost behind the tree line in the southwest (right). This was also a few days after Saturn's opposition, which shone just above the teapot of Sagittarius (center). Mars was as bright as Jupiter on that time, a few weeks before reaching its closest distance to the Earth. All three planets had their scattered reflections on the reservoir."

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