Window Surprise At 10,000 ft

By: Yuichi Takasaka


Region: Americas

Country: Canada

Date: 2013 July 15

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From the photographer: "I was flying from the west of Canada to UK. I knew Aurora activity is very high that night. I got north facing window seat to Heathrow. About mid-way above James Bay, Manitoba,saw a little green lights so I got my gears, thankfully I didn't have anyone sitting next to me. I used duct tape and my jacket, also blanket to make barrier around the window to combat interior light. Lights grew very bright so I could photograph using 1/4 second exposures, ISO 12800, f2.8. It was the strongest Auroras I've seen from airliner ever!" Click on the constellation icon above the image to see another image, a closer look to the view. Yuichi Takasaka,

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