Orion and the Persian King

By: Babak A. Tafreshi


Region: Middle East

Site: Naqshe Rajab - Iran

Date: December 2010

Stars of the constellation Orion rise high in the winter sky while Sirius, the brightest star of our night-time, just appears above a large bas-relief of ancient Persia. Located near Persepolis in Fars province of Iran, this site is known as Naqsh-e Rajab. The site includes 4 amazing bas relief and a inscription displaying the kings of Sassanid period, from 3rd century. Photographed here is a relief or Shapur I who was the second King of Sassanid Persian Empire (240 - 270). The king and his companion meet with the symbol of the god, Ahura Mazda, in Zoroastrian (ancient religion of Persia). Shapur is seen being handed the ring of kingship by Ahura Mazda. The Sasanid kingdom ended 3 centuries later by invasion of Muslim Arabs to Persia, around the same time when the light of Orion Nebula we now see in the sky started its 1350 light years travel toward the Earth. It is the little red-pink cloud under the three aligned stars of Orion's belt. Babak Tafreshi/

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