Sky Runner

By: Babak A. Tafreshi


Region: Middle East

Site: Pasargadae - Iran

Date: August 2009

Time-lapse video: amateur astronomers run through the sky with a Newtonian telescope during Sufi Observing Competition in Iran. The country-wide competition started in 2006, after several years of Iran Messier Marathon, for more advanced observers. The annual Competition which takes place in August/September is planned to be an international event in close future with participation of deep sky observers from around the world. The competitionís name reminds the name of the famous Persian astronomer of 10th century, Al-sufi (Azophi). In his reference book of stars he has noted to 9 non-stellar objects. Sufi was the first astronomer to record some of these deep sky objects such as a bright "nebula" we know today as Andromeda Galaxy.

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