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From: Germany         Age: 56



Born in Hungen, Germany in 1964, Stefan Seip became involved in astrophotography in 1979 with just a 2.5-inch refractor. Seip's first attempts were exposures as long as one hour manually guided with a crosshair eyepiece he had made himself from a spider web! Since 2000, Seip has been using a CCD camera for astrophotography with various telescopes. His specialty, however, is landscape astrophotography with digital cameras.

Seip is also an IT specialist, photographer, journalist and technology writer. Based in Stuttgart, he presents many lectures about astrophotography worldwide, including workshops he has held in Iran and Greece. His articles have appeared in German astronomy magazines and his photos have appeared in international astronomy magazines, books, TV programs, and NASA websites. His first book of astrophotography was published in German in 2004. His latest book in English is "Digital Astrophotography: A Guide to Capturing the Cosmos".

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