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From: Germany         Age: 44




Bernd Pröschold, born in 1976, is fascinated by astronomy since his childhood. A crucial experience for his photographic career was in 2001 when northern lights could be observed as far south as Germany. The phenomenon afforded opportunity to combine his interests in astronomy and landscape photography. Since that time he has put his telescope aside and concentrates on wide angle shots. With emerging options in digital imaging time-lapse shots have become his favourite domain.

Pröschold has been travelling throughout Europe for many years to reach the most outstanding shooting locations. His time-lapse videos show phenomena such as the Northern Lights or the Milky Way against a backdrop of untouched landscapes. Bernd Pröschold produces images for leading planetarium suppliers, renowned stock footage collections and international TV stations. Recently one of his excursions was accompanied by one of the biggest German TV stations (WDR) followed by a live interview with Germany’s famous presenter Gerhard Delling.

Pröschold is known for the meticulous planning of his excursions. Despite of his experience he still uses to note every single work step in advance. But what he loves most about his job is that the freak of nature is often greater than anyone could guess. Especially the northern lights have their own character and force him to do unexpected adjustments in his camera settings. But also the sun and the clouds are often creating sceneries surpassing all expectations. One of his most memorable experiences he made in the Norwegian landscape Sylan. Primarily he wanted to pan his camera over a large lake during the morning hours. But suddenly the whole lake was covered with fog which created a great view above the clouds.

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