Lunar Eclipse above Winter Landscape

By: Bernd Proschold


Region: Europe

Site: Hautes Fagnes - Belgium

Date: 2019 January 21

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Panoramic view of the total lunar eclipse (left), rising Milky Way, and bright planets Venus and Jupiter (right) above a snow covered landscape in Belgium. Click the constellation above the image for a closer look at the eclipsed moon sitting between Gemini and the Beehive star cluster.
From the photographer: "Weather conditions have been excellent in Central Europe with a lot of clear skies and nearly no wind, which is very rare at this time of year. I went to the High Fens in Belgium , a nature reserve with swamps and very few trees. As Belgium is among the most light polluted countries in the world I had to use a strong light pollution filter for my panorama of six shots with the same setting. The image is from the end of totality, when the sun was 16 below horizon and the first rays of dawn were visible in the east."

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