Starry Night of a Medieval Village

By: Laurent Laveder


Region: Europe

Site: Brittany - France

Date: 2018 May 22


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The arch of the Milky Way rises in this spring night of Locronan medieval village in France where the unnecessary street lights are turned off in late evening for the rest of the night to save energy and keep the natural environment of the night. Click the constellation icon above the image for another panoramic view captured earlier from the same spot.
From the photographer: "The two photos are taken one hour apart. In the first one, the buildings, lit by a 15 high Quarter Moon, are white, contrasted and bright. The sky is also bright and blue, but dark enough to be filled with the stars. In the second one, as the Moon is about 1 above the horizon, these buildings are orange because of the window on the far right, and the contrast is low because of the lack of a strong light source (the Moon). When I share these two photos on social media, people prefer the second one probably because of the more impressive Milky Way, but in my gallery shop in Pluguffan, people prefer the first one, because it's bright, contrasted and colorful! And it's more easy to put such a bright photo on a wall rather than a dark one. This is with I always try to capture some bright photos thanks to the moonlight."

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