Moon Eclipse Trail

By: Miguel Claro


Region: Europe

Site: Alqueva - Portugal

Date: 2018 July 28


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From the photographer: "Only separated by approximately 6º apart, the red-orange planet Mars appears close to the Moon during the longest total lunar eclipse of the century as seen in this timelapse sequence of the red path left behind by the Moon above Dark Sky Alqueva region in Portugal. During a lunar eclipse, the moon passes through Earth’s shadow, giving the natural satellite a blood-red hue. With Mars making its closest approach in 15 years. The Red Planet was also in Opposition on the same night, being in opposite the sun in Earth’s sky."
Click the constellation icon above the image for a telephoto view of the partial eclipse phase when some iridescent clouds created a Lunar Corona around the eclipsed disk of the moon. See a timelapse video of the scene here.

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