Bridge of Light

By: Miguel Claro


Region: Europe

Site: Alqueva - Portugal

Date: 2016

Comments: 1

From the photographer: "A bridge could be a connection of two worlds, realities or dimensions, or simply two sides of lake as we can see on the image, but in a figurative sense, could also be a word that symbolizes a perfect connection between pristine and modern, the night sky and the landscape of our beautiful planet in suspension among the arm of gas and dust from our galaxy, the Milky Way. Reflected in the calm water of the largest man-made lake in Europe (250Km²) is the light of a slowly lonely car that took several seconds to cross the entire bridge. But also the light of the stars, which took hundred or millions of years at a speed of light to reach this particular point, ready to be recorded in this singular picture taken from one of the rare dark sky places in Europe, in Mourão, Alqueva Dark Sky Reserve, Portugal."

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