Orion Over the Snowy Hoodoos

By: Alan Dyer


Region: Americas

Site: Alberta - Canada

Date: 2016 January 12

From the photographer: "Orion rising behind the iconic Hoodoos on Highway 10 east of Drumheller, Alberta, near East Coulee, on a moonless January night, with illumination by starlight and by a nearby yardlight providing some shadows and warmer illumination. Clouds are beginning to move in and are providing the natural star glows.
This photo composite is a stack of 10 x 10-second exposures for the ground, mean combined to smooth noise, plus one 10-second exposure for the sky to minimize trailing. All at f/2.8 with the 24mm Sigma Art lens and Nikon D750 at ISO 3200." Alan Dyer,

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