Save Energy Preserve Beauty

By: Wally Pacholka


Region: Americas

Site: Zion National Park - USA

Date: June 2009

Comments: 2

The Milky Way, our home galaxy of over 100 billion stars, is photographed horizon to horizon in this ultra-wide panoramic view of the Zion National Park in southern Utah, USA. The Zion Canyon is 24 km long and marks the junction of the Colorado Plateau and Mojave Desert regions. As noted by the photographer "Zion means the Promised Land and it certainly holds promise to all that venture there. The image is taken on the edge of the City of Springdale just at the entrance to Zion national park. This city has done a marvelous job of keeping their night skies dark by controlling light pollution that also saves a lot of energy. It is these remaining faint city lights that are lighting up the landscape here." Wally Pacholka,

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