From Winter To Spring

By: Tunc Tezel


Region: Middle East

Site: Bursa - Turkey

Spot: Lake Iznik

Date: 2014 Feb 4

This all-sky view from Lake Iznik near Bursa, Turkey, displays the setting winter stars (right) and the coming spring stars (left). Lake Iznik is one of the largest lakes in Turkey, about 12 km wide and 30 km long and its southern shore is defined by the southern branch of North Anatolian Fault. The big rock in the foreground is known as Sarikaya (meaning Yellow Rock) which rises 85 meters from the lake and is a favorite spot for rock climbers.
Sarikaya blocks a considerable part of the southern horizon, even Sirius is lost behind the limestone wall. The faint oval glow of Gegenschein can be seen due south, in the constellation of Cancer. Jupiter in Gemini is not too far away from Gegenschein, as its opposition was only a month prior. Mars is also visible rising in the southeast, a few degrees away from Spica. Tunc Tezel

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