Explore Monument Valley at Night

By: Tunc Tezel


Region: Americas

Site: Monument Valley - USA

Date: 2012 May 20

Comments: 1

Let this Virtual Reality flash animation loads and you will find your self in a starry night of the Monument Valley in Arizona-Utah border. The Milky Way is curved above the eastern horizon as it rising over the desert landscape. Bright star Arcturus is the brightest point overhead. The faint band of zodiacal light (reflected sunlight from dust in the Solar System plane) is stretched from the western horizon to the Milky Way. Two planets appear along the band. Mars (in constellation Leo) is the red spot above the iconic mitten butts of the valley. Saturn is the brightest point over the south (in Virgo). See this view in an all-sky fisheye image. Tunc Tezel

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