Goddes Crescent

By: Tamas Ladanyi


Region: Europe

Site: Veszprem - Hungary

Date: 2014 January 6

Moon? Think twice! This time-lapse photo sequence has captured Venus, shining in the evening sky only few days before its solar conjunction when it disappears in glare of the sun for several days. As it approaches to orbital position between the Earth and Sun the disc of Venus gradually appears larger and forms a crescent, large enough to see with a good binocular and to image with a telephoto lens. As noted by the photographer: " Venus crescent appears between the towers of Saint Michael Cathedral in my hometown city of Veszprem, Hungary. There is a faint color on the edge of the planet due to the atmospheric refraction. I used an 800 mm focal length objective to capture this view." Tamas Ladanyi,

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