The Shore of an Alien Ocean

By: Laurent Laveder


Region: Europe

Site: Brittany - France

Date: September 2012

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The Milky Way appears over the Atlantic Ocean coast at Brittany, France. The light pollution of a nearby town dominates the west (right), People living inside that light dome do not see the Milky Way anymore. Click on the constellation icon above the image to see the figure of Sagittarius in the sky towards the bright bulge of the Milky Way. From the photographer: "This place looks like an alien landscape with it's huge boulders on the shore. To inexperienced eyes the intense light (right) might look like sunset glow rather than light pollution. The light on the rocks come from a single streetlight 100 m away. But it was well balanced in my photos together with the natural light of the Quarter Moon." Laurent Laveder,

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