Unrivaled Beauty of Starry Skies

By: Babak A. Tafreshi


Region: Americas

Site: Grand Teton - USA

Date: July 2013

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The unrivaled beauty of the Milky Way far from city lights, untouched by our libertine light pollution. Night sky is an essential element of our nature, a heritage to preserve for all livings on this planet. From the photographer: "Traveled across the planet in search of great nightscapes this was one of the most elegant scenes I have witnessed. A starry night at the foot of Grand Teton mountains (Grand Teton National Park), Wyoming, United States. This was a night in paradise, for us and the Grizzly bears!"
Click on the constellation icon above the image for a behind a scene photo of TWAN photographers Babak Tafreshi (standing) and Wally Pacholka at the end of an imaging night at this location. Babak Tafreshi,

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