Summer Nights of Scandinavia

By: P-M Heden


Region: Europe

Country: Sweden

Date: July-August 2011

Turn on your speakers to hear the natural night-time sounds of nature in Sweden recorded by TWAN photographer during 6 weeks of imaging the included time-lapse sequences and photos, during the summer nights of Sweden. The high northern latitude of Scandinavia cause very short nights in the summer and only few brighter stars appear in the presence of polar twilight in June and July. But the main show in the sky would be mysterious night-shining clouds (NLCs). They lie near the edge of space, reflecting sunlight from about 80 kilometers above Earth's surface. They are usually spotted above the Polar Regions in summer. Near the end of the video, made during August from southern Sweden, starry sky and the Milky Way begin to return to the night sky. The strong barking sound comes from deers and the sound of a flying bird is a swan passing over the photographer. P-M Heden/

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