Starry Night of Alps

By: Babak A. Tafreshi


Region: Europe

Site: Tyrol - Austria

Date: March 2011

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In a starry night of Alps the Milky Way shows its magnificent beauty above snow-covered mountains in the state of Tyrol, western Austria. Austria is one of the few European countries where itís still possible to see truly dark skies, thanks to high mountains and low population. The photographer was in a dark Alpine forest some 30 km south of Innsbruck. Click on the star-pattern icon above the image to see the name of brighter stars and notable objects and to compare their huge variety of distances from us (noted in light years). Note how the red supergiant star Antares (in Scorpius) shining above the Alps is in fact 1000 million million times further than those mountain peaks! Babak Tafreshi/

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