Leonid Meteors and Their Persistent Trains

By: Kwon O Chul


Region: Asia

Country: Korea

Date: 2009 November 18

Time-lapse video: In November 2009 the annual Leonid meteor shower had regular activity over most of the world but had a more intense outburst over Asia when the Earth passed a dense part of the meteoroid stream. Captured in this video are two Leonid fireballs over South Korea. Fireballs are rare bright meteors. They are brighter than Venus (brighter than magnitude -4). Note how the meteors leave a persistent train (smog) in the atmosphere which moves away during the several minutes of continuous shots to make this video. The smog-like faint cloud is a glowing ionized atoms because of the meteoroid encounter with the upper atmosphere. After some moments the train spread by the high altitude winds. Kwon, O Chul -

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