Ending Summer

By: Tunc Tezel


Region: Middle East

Site: Izmir - Turkey

Spot: Gümüldür

Date: 2010 September 12

In this restful evening of September, the crescent Moon and the Milky Way shine above the coast of Aegean Sea in Gümüldür, near Izmir, Turkey. Planets Venus (the brighter) and Mars are also visible near the horizon. The Aegean Sea is an elongated embayment of the Mediterranean Sea located between Greece and Turkey. Just across the sea in this view is the Greek island of Samos, 35 km away. As noted by the photographer "The clouds made it difficult for me to make this 2x2 mosaic panorama but at the end they added to the beauty of the scenery. An earlier rainstorm in the morning also helped to have a transparent sky." Tunc Tezel

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