There are Stars in Urban Skies

By: Babak A. Tafreshi


Region: Middle East

Site: Tehran - Iran

Date: July 2010


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During 3 hours three planets and many stars trail above Milad communication Tower (435 m from base to the antenna tip) in Tehran; a metropolitan of over 10 million population with a very light polluted sky. But even in urban areas like this a keen eye can see few hundred stars. Click on the constellation icon above the image to recognize what stars and planets are associated with brightest trails in this image. Note how planet Venus is in conjunction with star Regulus and aligned with Mars and Saturn. This image is a result of about 1700 photos, all in sequence and each with only 5 seconds exposure. Longer exposures in urban areas results in too bright sky and fewer recognizable stars. Babak Tafreshi/

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