Crater Lake Milky Way

By: Wally Pacholka


Region: Americas

Site: Oregon - USA

Spot: Crater Lake

Date: July 2010

Comments: 3

The Summer Milky Way in the northern hemisphere rises above the Crater Lake in Oregon, Unites States. Bright star Deneb and constellation Cygnus is visible on the far left. The next bright star is Altair near the middle. At the right end the bright region of the Milky Way central bulge, hosted by the constellations Sagittarius and Scorpius, is prominent. The bright stars on the right end is Antares at the heart of the scorpion. Crater Lake is a 10km wide volcanic caldera with maximum depth of about 600 meters (the deepest lake in the US). It is famous for its deep blue color and water clarity. The rim of the Crater Lake reaches altitude of 2400 meters. That's why in this early summer view parts of the edge are still snow-covered. The caldera was formed about 7700 years ago by collapse of a volcano. The local tribe of Native Americans, who may have witnessed the collapse of volcano and the formation of the crater, have long regarded this lake a sacred spiritual site. Their legends tell of a battle between the sky god the god of the underworld and the volcano (Mount Mazama) was destroyed in the battle, creating Crater Lake. Wally Pacholka/

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