Moonrise above Mysian Olympus

By: Tunc Tezel


Region: Middle East

Site: Mount Uludag - Turkey

Date: 2010 May 27

The full Moon rises above snow-covered peak of Mount Uludağ (Great Mountain in Turkish). It is about 2500 meters high and is known as the ancient Mysian Olympus, located in Bursa Province of Turkey. As noted by the photographer "Considering the orientation of moonrise and the possible viewing area, I chose a viewing point with distance of 45 km from the mountain. I made precise calculations for my position. A forest road between two villages, 30 km northwest of Bursa. I set up my cameras and waited for the Moon. But still one aspect can go wrong in these kinds of precisely calculated imaging plans and it is the weather. There were two degrees of clouds over the mountain, which delayed the appearance of the Moon and it was already too bright compared to the fading mountain. Instead of a single shot that would be enough in the case of clear horizon, I needed 4 pictures to achieve this final HDR photo." Tunc Tezel

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