Airglow and Milky Way above Chilean Andes

By: Stephane Guisard


Region: Americas

Site: Lauca National Park - Chile

Date: April 2010

Time-lapse video: Watching the Sky from very high altitude locations is an amazing experience. Stars become sharp and dazzling with less atmospheric turbulence and extinction affected on their light. In April 2010 TWAN photographer Stephane Guisard managed to photograph two majestic volcanoes of Chile-Bolivia border Pomerape (6282 m) and Parinacota (6332 m) under starry sky. He was located near 5000m high in Chilean Altiplano (where the Andes are at their widest) inside the Lauca National Park. The central region of the Milky Way in the constellations Sagittarius and Scorpius rises above the volcanoes. Meanwhile an interesting atmospheric phenomena known as airglow appears as wave-like patterns right above the higher volcano (See TWAN Mystery 1). As the morning approaches the elongated cone shaped zodiacal light becomes visible while the bright planet Venus rises right above Parinacota. Stephane Guisard -

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