A Night in Ecuador

By: Stephane Guisard


Region: Americas

Site: Cotopaxi - Ecuador

Date: May 2010

Comments: 1

Time-lapse video: As seen on Astronomy Picture of the Day a night begins in Ecuador with mist and passing clouds on high altitude slopes of Cotopaxi, one of the highest active volcanoes in the world (5897 m). The southern stars begins to appear above the snow-covered summit. Note for the Southern Cross and Coalsack dark nebula right above the peak in the middle of the video. Near the end of the video look for a moving light on the summit snow. Climbers are trying to reach the peak as the morning approaches. Located near to Quito in Ecuador, Cotopaxi has been honored for centuries as a sacred mountain by local Andean people. Its name means "Smooth Neck of the Moon". See this panoramic starryscape of Cotopaxi. Stephane Guisard -

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