A night above Chilean Altiplano

By: Bernd Proschold


Region: Americas

Site: Lauca National Park - Chile

Date: April 2010

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Time-lapse video: The famous twin volcanoes Parinacota (6348m) and Pomerape (6222m) are dominating the versatile landscape of Lauca National Park in Northern Chile. The shot was taken from the slopes of Cerro Guane Guane, a peak offering a fabulous view over the Park in an altitude of approximately 5.000m. It took Bernd Proeschold three hours of hiking to reach this point and three tours to bring up his photographic and camping equipment. The time-lapse shot has been taken in April when the eastern sky is dominated by the Milky Way in the first half of the night and by the Zodiacal Light in the second half. Note the bright flashing meteor above the higher volcano, when the zodiacal light begins to appear. Bernd Proschold/

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