Celebrating Nowruz Under Stars

By: Amir H. Abolfath


Region: Middle East

Site: Dasht-e Kavir - Iran

Spot: Maranjab

Date: March 2009

Vernal Equinox marks the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere and autumn in the south. Equinox means equal night. With the Sun on the celestial equator, Earth dwellers will experience nearly 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness. The vernal equinox also marks the beginning of Nowruz (New Day), the Persian new year. This celebration dates back to ancient Iran but the celebration has spread in many other parts of the world. Here in this long-exposure image of startrails, the photographer celebrated spring under starry sky of central Iran desert, with placing the traditional table of Nowruz, called Haftsin or Seven "S" with 7 symbolic items that their Persian name starts with S, such as apple, garlic, pickle, coin, and several non-S items such as a bottle of water and a little red fish, mirror, color painted eggs, flowers and candles. Amir Abolfath -

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