Above Thousand Peaks

By: Bernd Proschold


Region: Europe

Site: Hohe Tauern - Alps - Austria

Date: October 2009

Time-lapse video: As night arrives in Austria the starry sky sail above the snow-covered peaks of Alps. Mount Sonnblick is a peak in the eastern Alps in Hohe Tauern mountain range includes the highest mountains in Austria. Sonnblick is home of one of the oldest alpine meteorological observatories. With an altitude of more than 3100m and only few artificial lights around it is a preferred location for TWAN photography. Bernd Pröschold was lucky to receive a permission for the material lift. After an unsuccessful attempt in spring he finally managed to take a time-lapse sequence in autumn 2009. His goal was not just to display the sky but also the shadows of the sun and the moon creeping over the mountains. Bernd Proschold/

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