Greek Sunset

By: Anthony Ayiomamitis


Region: Europe

Site: Oropos - Greece

Date: 2009 September 30

The sun sets behind the Church of Agios Sotirios in Greece. As noted by the photographer "A common misconception is that the sun is larger when it is near the horizon than when it is high overhead. This optical illusion is not true, for the apparent size of the sun is virtually the same when it is rising or setting near the horizon or when viewed overhead (in fact, it is very slightly smaller when viewed near the horizon due to refraction as well as the greater added distance in observing across the earth's radius). The reason behind this brain-made illusion is the perception of the sun (or moon) being against a "close" or "distant" foreground. With autumnal equinox having passed a few days earlier, the opportunity was used to pursue the setting sun a few kilometers from the seaside resort area of Oropos northeast of Athens and whose history dates to the time of the golden age of ancient Greece. The foreground is the Church and Monestary of Agios Sotirios which lies atop a small mountain. The photo was taken from a distance of 2505 meters away to the east of Agios Sotirios so as to yield a balance in the aspect ratio involving the foreground church and setting sun as well as to provide the ideal azimuth and altitude for the sun-church orientation." Anthony Ayiomamitis/

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