Road Show

By: LeRoy Zimmerman


Region: Polar Regions

Site: Denali National Park - Alaska - USA


From the photographer "It was late September, and the snows had already started to come to Denali National park. The road was only open for the first 14 miles, to the Savage River bridge. That first 14 mile section is the only paved portion of that 90 mile road. About 10 miles in, and facing west looking down over the empty road, there was only silence as the park appeared to be empty that night. Campgrounds closed, visitors gone. But in the silent dark sky auroras found away to push aside the darkness, and cast their glow on the early snows of the season. Tripod set up in the middle of that quiet roadway, it was surely a show for those of us on the road that night." LeRoy Zimmerman/

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