Fairbanks Light Symphony

By: LeRoy Zimmerman


Region: Polar Regions

Site: Fairbanks - Alaska - USA


Aurora shines above the lights of Fairbanks, Alaska. As noted by the photographer "The lights of the city were competing with the aurora near the horizon that night, and the two lights almost seemed to merge together, or perhaps one arose out of the other. A stable stationary arc lay near the northeast horizon, while an eastward moving coil of light drifted out behind the city. A gentle curtain of red was riding atop the moving wall of green, drifting silently across the night. Variations on a theme, a theme of moving light. Like music in the night, one movement led to the next, and it seemed there was a performance taking place that evening. Like a symphony made of light. It really was Fairbanks's light symphony, playing itself out in the darkness for all those that knew how to listen with their eyes. All they had to do was to remain silent, raise their eyes to the sky, and hear the music of the night playing silently overhead." LeRoy Zimmerman/

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