Southern 360-degree Panorama

By: Stephane Guisard


Region: Americas

Site: Cerro Paranal - Chile



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This 360-degree panorama displays the southern sky with stunning Milky Way arching above the large and small Magellanic Clouds(two satellite galaxies of the Milky Way) as seen from near Cerro Paranal mountain (right) in Chile, one of the world's best sites for astronomical observations and the location for the Very Large Telescope array. The white-yellow glow stretched above the Paranal mountain is the zodiacal light or the faint sunlight reflection from dust particles in the solar system. To recognize all the constellations in this view click on the black star icon above the image. Also to experience this scene as it was viewed by the photographer visit this page and allow few moments so the Virtual Reality video loads. Stephane Guisard -

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