Cottage Night

By: P-M Heden


Region: Europe

Site: Hedesunda - Sweden

Date: November 2008

Stars of northern hemisphere winter nights rise above a lonely cottage near Dal River in Hedesunda, Sweden. Imaged with a modified (filter replaced) DSLR camera, the scene shows constellation Orion near the horizon. The little red circle to it left in the middle of Milky Way is Rosette nebula in Monoceros. Constellation Taurus with the prominent V-shape figure of the Bull's face is at the upper right of Orion and the famous Pleiades star cluster is just above the V. Continue your gaze up and left and you will see the red patch of California Nebula in Perseus. Now shift to left and you will find Capella, the bright star of constellation Auriga, located in the band of Milky Way. P-M Heden/

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