Moon Adventure

By: Doug Zubenel


Region: Americas

Site: Kansas - USA

Date: 2008 March 8

As seen on Science@NASA in a remote corner of Kansas, the sun was going down and the deepening twilight beckoned to TWAN photographer Doug Zubenel driving through the countryside. Something photogenic, he knew, was about to happen. He turned his car onto an unfamiliar dirt road and proceeded into the sunset. "The brilliant sun did not allow me to see the cement railings on a bridge over a small creek. The next thing I knew, I had totaled my car!" Zubenel emerged from the wreckage, phoned 911, and while he was waiting for the tow truck to arrive, took the picture: It was a beautiful 1-day old crescent moon," says Zubenel. "It looked a lot better than my car!"

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