A Complete Night of Namib Desert

By: Bernd Proschold


Region: Africa

Site: Namib Desert - Namibia

Date: September 2008

As the sun sets over the barren landscape of Namib Desert, Namibia, in this time-lapse video, the crescent Moon and planets appear in the evening sky in bright glow of the zodiacal light. As the night proceeds the southern Milky Way comes in to the view. As noted by the photographer "The Namib is one of the oldest deserts on earth. A cold ocean current in front of the coast prevents humidity from being transported inland. The shot was taken in the NamibRand Nature Reserve, where the Namib dunes meet the slopes of the Naukluft mountains. It shows the zodiacal light and the Milky Way setting over the western and southern horizon. With temperatures little over zero degrees it has been an exceptional cold night for the region. As a result little fogbanks are drifting through the mountains in the morning hours." Bernd Pröschold/

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