Sensational Moonrise

By: Anthony Ayiomamitis


Region: Europe

Site: Isle of Aegina - Greece

Date: July 2008

Our closest celestial neighbour has kept us company for at least four billion years and has entertained our imagination in a variety of ways. It certainly has been involved in our maturation as a species with man's first step on a body beyond our planet during the latter part of the twentieth century and will, inevitably, be our first stop prior to any sort of manned travel to a further celestial body such as Mars. The moon has been a great source of education about our own planet's evolutionary history; it has entertained many inquisitive minds from earlier cultures and generations about the universe in general and man's role in particular; it has enriched the minds of young children taking their first look through a telescope and continues to impact our lives in ways we may or may not readily recognize including tidal forces and various natural rhythms and cycles.

The full Moon here in this sensational image rises against the Temple of Aphaia (490-480 BC). The Temple is located within a sanctuary complex dedicated to the goddess Aphaia on the Greek island of Aegina, which lies in the Saronic Gulf, only 30 km from Athens. The photographer carefully placed himself at the distance of 1640 meters to the northwest of the temple for the ideal location with respect to aspect ratio, azimuth and altitude. Anthony Ayiomamitis/

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