Taha Ghouchkanlu   Gallery   

From: Iran         Age: 32




One of the youngest TWAN members, Taha found his passion in early teenagehood when he joined Zafaranie Educational Observatory to learn astronomy. In high school he started using telescopes to photograph planets and the deep sky which continued to more advanced equipment and image processing techniques. In the university he studied aerospace engineering and started an outreach website on space sciences.
Taha has been awarded in several international photo contests and has contributed photos to world's leading astronomy magazines. He is an astrophotography teacher in Asemane Shab (Night Sky) institute in Tehran and a lecturer at TWAN biennial workshops in Iran since 2010. Taha is also an adventure traveler and while exploring his home country and remote natural wonders of Africa and Asia his astrophotography shifted from telescopic to TWAN-style or nightscapes. For daytime job, Taha manages Studio Sky, a leading children and newborn portrait studio in Tehran. Follow him on Instagram

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