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From: France         Age: 62



Born in 1958 in Paris, Serge Brunier has been living in the "city of light". He is a prizewinning photographer and author whose books have been translated into ten languages. He has visited most of the world's major observatories and has photographed solar eclipses from the most wonderful Earth's landscapes. As a journalist, he has contributed to many science and astronomical magazines, as Ciel et Espace, Science et Vie, La Recherche, The Tenmon Guide, Sky and Telescope, as well as popular magazines, such as Paris Match.

In 1986, Serge was awarded the French Academy’s Montyon prize for his book Architecture of the Universe, and in 1994, the French Astronomical Society awarded him the Henry-Rey prize. Serge got two times, in 1997 and in 2007, the French “Astronomy book of the year” prize. In 2007, his one hundred million pixel picture of the Milky Way, has been showed in a 144 square-meter image in the Palais de la Découverte, the biggest science museum in Paris. In 2009 he finished a larger project to photograph the complete sky in 1200 shots made with total of 120 hours of exposure in the both hemispheres, and placed together in a giant 800 megapixel mosaic image of the universe around us. The International Astronomical Union (UAI) named asteroid 10943 in his honor and in recognition of his work on the popularization of science.

Today, Serge Brunier works on new landscape night sky photos, essentially in Europe, United States and South America. His photographic work tend to make a link between the breathtaking, very deep images taken by professional astronomers through their giant telescopes, and the sky that anyone can see with the unaided eye.

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