Kwon O Chul   Gallery   

From: Korea         Age: 44




Kwon, O Chul, a landscape astrophotographer in Korea, is born in Seoul in 1974. He started night sky photography since 1992 and hold his first solo photo exhibition in 1996. He works as network engineer in day time and takes night sky images at every clear weekend nights. For his photography he uses several medium format and panorama format film cameras for large exhibition quality printing. In his photography style, he looks for the harmony between celestial motion and star trails, ancient relics, and Korean beautiful landscapes. His major recent exhibition “Starry flow in night Sky” has been hold in Sejong Center of Seoul in 2007. Besides contributing images and articles to magazines, newspapers, and national school text books, his photography book Starry flow in night Sky (in Korean) is published in 2008.

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