Anthony Ayiomamitis   Gallery   

From: Greece         Age: 63



A leading Greek amateur astronomer and night sky photographer, Ayiomamitis has been interested in astronomy since the Apollo lunar missions began in the late 1960s. The "one small step" of Neil Armstrong set him on his path of exploring the beauty of the night sky. Born in Athens in 1957, Ayiomamitis received three bachelor's and three master's degrees (statistics, mathematics and computer science) from the Universities of Toronto and Waterloo in Canada. Years of success as a computer consultant allowed him to retirement at age 41, enabling him to pursue his lifelong love of astronomy and astrophotography full time. He works most often at his house on the outskirts of Athens but to image dark starry nights he often travels to the top of Greece's legendary mountains.

Ayiomamitis is most famous for his eye-catching analemma photographs showing the annual motion of the Sun above the ruins of ancient Greece. But his work covers a broad range from deep sky to landscape. His photographs have appeared in publications in 30 countries and appeared in exhibitions in the US and several European countries.

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