The Story Behind Iguacu Starry Photos

In an interview on National Geographic website TWAN director Babak Tafreshi shares a short story of adventures and techniques behind the starry photos of Iguacu Falls in Brazil.




















2010 May 21: The Large Magellanic Cloud and the southern Milky Way shine brightly on this starry night. In the foreground of this skyview is the rainforest near the spectacular Iguaçu Falls and national park at the border of Brazil and Argentina. The editor of Breaking Orbit, a popular science blog on the National Geographic website, interviewed TWAN director, Babak Tafreshi, for his recent photography adventure to capture the starry sky of southern Brazil above the World Heritage waterfalls of Iguacu.

Read the story of Iguacu photos on the National Geographic online interview.

See TWAN photos of Iguacu Falls here.


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