TWAN Confirms Plans for 2010

The World at Night has announced its plans for 2010, from new members to new exhibitions and new publications.




















TWAN traveling exhibitions will continue in the US, Canada, Iran, Chile, Korea, Hungary, Germany, Brazil, Sweden, and Hong Kong. Several new countries will host TWAN exhibitions. The first major TWAN exhibition and workshop in the Middle East holds in Zanjan, Iran, in March 2010. The exhibit includes over 35 large light boxes and 40 other 1-2 meter mounted prints and giant panoramic photos of several meters long. TWAN image are also contributing to "1001 Inventions: Discover the forgotten story of 1000 years of science from the Muslim world" ( in National Science Museum, London, which began in January 2010.

A TWAN book/exhibition catalog in Korea was completed in January. March 2010 sees a TWAN and landscape astrophotography feature article in BBC's Sky At Night magazine. Discover magazine is featuring a short interview about TWAN and landscape astrophotography with TWAN director in its May 2010 issue. And in the Autumn a TWAN book will be released in Germany.

There is a growing collaboration with National Geographic News website. TWAN contributes as a source of night sky images. The film "Acquainted With the Night" by a Canadian film company, in production now and will include a section about TWAN. Also, a TWAN TV documentary starts production in summer 2010.

TWAN tours to see and photograph stunning night skies from most beautiful landscapes start in autumn 2010. The first considered destinations are Namibia, Nepal, Chile, and Canada.

New images, reports, and newsletter every two to three weeks. New sections allow for more interaction with visitors.

The winners of IYA2009 International Earth and Sky Photo Contest will be announced in March 2010. New TWAN contests are planned.


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