The Fuego Volcano Under the Milky Way

By: Diego Rizzo


Chimaltenango, Guatemala

2019 February 12


From the photographer: "It was around 4:30am of that pretty cold morning I was alone close to the crater of the Acatenango volcano (a dormant volcano) I made several shots to have the correct exposure, focus and frame and finally I was happy with the framing and started a short time-lapse, the first photo was shooting and when it was like 10 seconds lefting on the first photo the volcano made that big eruption that give this photo the icing on the cake. The meteor was added in post production of a photo taken later of that same time-lapse. As a result, Antares, Jupiter, Constellations, a meteor, satellites and the Milky Way are over the landscape of an eruption of the Fuego volcano in Guatemala, for me was just insane to capture it!"
Technical details: It is a composite of 2 photos the only thing that make it a photo-composite is the meteor that was taken later as part of the same time-lapse, everything else is a photo. 25 seconds, 4, 14-30mm 4 lens on 14mm, Nikon Z 6, ISO 8000. Post production made in Camera RAW in Photoshop.
Diego Rizzo

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