Startrail on the Duomo

By: Marco Meniero


Umbria, Italy

2019 September 5


From the photographer: "Symbol of the city of Orvieto itself, the Duomo is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Italy and the world. The construction work began in 1290 and the construction was strongly desired by both the Church and the Municipality, with the intention of creating a single large cathedral for the city in place of the two poor churches that existed before on the beautiful square. The Duomo looks like a magnificent building that brings together different architectural styles. In particular, it is possible to define an admirable example of balance and mixture of Gothic and Romanesque styles, even if the cathedral maintains its own unique peculiarities. Many people took part in the different phases of planning and construction of the Cathedral."
Technical details: 1800 shots of 6 seconds (3h long tracks), Canon Eos 1DxMk2 at 200Iso, Canon Fisheye 8-15/4L September, 5, 2019. Really Right Stuff Versa 33 Tripod
Marco Meniero

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