Star Trails Above Mt. Rainier

By: Jiawei Lai


Washington State, USA

2019 August 4


From the photographer: "Star trails above Mt. Rainier, the highest volcano in the United States (lower 48 states). The light trails on the mountain came from hikers who were aiming to summit the top before sunrise. This image shows a delicate balance of human beings, the earth, and the universe. The yellow hue came from the light pollution in Seattle areas."
Technical details: 705 images stacked with same camera setting and camera position. EXIF of individual frame: Canon 6D, 50mm, f/2.0, 6 seconds, ISO12800. Processing methods: loading all images into Adobe Photoshop and stacked them together. Little to no adjustments to the white balance. The purple hue on the stars might come from the minor lens flare.
Jiawei Lai

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