Lonely Tree at Night

By: Sérgio Conceição


Madeira, Portugal

2019 May 6


From the photographer: "The route was very hard and very risky until arriving here (Pico Ruivo on the island of Madeira in Portugal). I do not recommend doing this at night, it was 1 hour to walk to this tree, it is cold up there and the fog can come at any moment, the place is 1861 meters of altitude.
It is possible to see the Saturn planet, as the brightest star left side in direction of the small branch of the tree. On the right side, the bright spot in the sky of the island of Madeira is Antares, the double star. The orange and green tones may have been caused by sodium and oxygen atoms, slightly at a higher altitude. Blue and green tones can still be seen in the sky."
Technical details: A Single-shot, Canon EOS R, 14mm, f2, 20", ISO 6400
Sérgio Conceição

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