Sunrise and Scorpion Constellation

By: Francisco Sojuel Culán


Sierra Madre, Guatemala

2018 March 17


From the photographer: "The weather in March in Guatemala is very good for photographing and observing the stars, in 2018 the weather surprised us with many clouds during the night and part of the sunrise, but we managed to capture the milky way, also the colors of sunrise with the Scorpion constellation that can be seen in the upper right of the photograph. The panoramic is achieved by observing Lake Atitlan and 6 volcanoes that is part of the Sierra Madre in Guatemala"
Technical details: Panorama composed of 6 photos, camera Canon 6D, with Tsamyang 14mm f/2.8, iso of 5000, time of 25 seconds
Francisco Sojuel Culán

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