Tajinastes and the Crown

By: Chirag Upreti


Canary Islands, Spain

2017 May 19


From the photographer: "Tajinaste flowers are native to the island of La Palma famous for their tall spikes of bright pink flowers that only come into bloom once a year during the spring and early summer months. These flowers were on the brink of extinction till they were repopulated by local conservation efforts. The crescent moon illuminates the foreground as pinks hues of the Tajinaste bloom form a nice contrast to the landscape. The elegant constellation, Corona Borealis is seen between these beautiful plants along with some parts of the Hercules constellation."
Technical details: 2 shot vertical panorama. Each image ISO 3200, 28mm, f/2.5, 13 second shutter speed. Camera: Sony A7SII
Chirag Upreti

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